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Business Valuation Services

When an organization plans to buy, sell, or transfer shares of business in the UAE or anywhere else, ascertaining the right transaction value is a prerequisite. That is when Business Valuation comes into play. The procedure includes understanding the business profile, analysing historical finances, obtaining market insights, selecting suitable valuation method, creating projections, and computing enterprise value.


Different Valuation methods

  1. Income Approach – Based on the economic principle of expectations that determine the value of the businesses. Discounted Free Cash Flows (“DCF”) technique is applied for this approach where future cash flow is estimated for a time frame and the projected free cash from operations are discounted at the weighted average cost of capital. The sum of such discounted free cash flows along with perpetuity growth rate and terminal capex helps draft the value.
  2. Market Approach – Based on the recent market value of your product / service compared to competitor company’s similar products / services. This approach can be used separately if there are such comparable transactions that have occurred in the recent past and also if there is reliable data available for these transactions in order to perform a productive analysis.
  3. Asset Approach – The most important approach in valuation procedure that is based on the assets and liabilities of the business providing ownership of the company in the market. Asset approach is carried out with actual verification of assets in the entity and the computation of the value of these assets when the realizable value of assets is significantly high.

Our expert team understands the business model and works closely with clients to validate strategy and business plans along with the risks involved. This helps arrive at best conclusions from exclusive and recent market research whether you are looking for acquisition, sale, legal purpose, or to obtain financing.

Due Diligence

Due diligence is the audit process done in organizations to inspect all its financial transactions and performance. Decision-making in business acquisition or investment remains quite a challenging process due to the possibility of potential failure in terms of profit or damage to the brand value of organizations. Therefore, performing a proper error-free due diligence beforehand provides you with a clear picture about the possibility of potential investments, merger or joint venture projects and helps determine the financial performance of your business, understanding its earning capabilities, current financial position, prospective customers, and competency of the management.


The key elements in Due Diligence is

The various types of Due diligence include commercial, financial, legal, operational, environmental, and people due diligence. The due diligence service suite at BCL helps you with the identification of transaction-related issues, establishment of true value of the business transaction, evaluation of history, risk, and opportunities of a proposed transaction and validation of whether the transactions comply with investment criteria.

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