Accounting for e-Commerce Businesses

ecommerce business accounting

E-commerce, in simpler words, means the process of buying or selling goods or services through the internet or through online platforms. The ever-changing IT industry has compelled accountants to change and adapt to their evolving nature. Accounting not only involves recording, categorizing, and reconciling transactions into sales, purchases, payments, receipts, journals, etc., but also encompasses […]

Top Accounting Software Used In Dubai

Accounting Software Used In Dubai

Managing financial information is a critical component of any business. Selecting the right accounting software helps businesses solve a substantial amount of their problems. There are numerous accounting software solutions accessible in Dubai, including Zohobooks, Quickbooks, Xero, Sage, Tally, Odoo, Intacct, Epicor, and others. We recognise that choosing the correct accounting software may be difficult […]

How Outsourcing Accounting Can Benefit Your Dubai Business?

Benefits of Outsourcing Accounting

With the introduction of VAT and corporate tax laws, businesses established in Dubai are expected to keep track of all transactions and maintain reconciliations. This could be overwhelming, as businesses have to spend a lot of time on these activities, which could hinder their core business activities. Outsourcing the accounting could reduce this burden and […]

The Importance of Accurate Bookkeeping for Dubai Startups

Bookkeeping for Dubai Startups

For a business to flourish and attain its maximum potential, it must embrace practices and procedures that save the time of the management while offering insights to the business, enabling the management to make wise decisions. Accounting is one of the important tools that is often overlooked and ignored, but when implemented religiously, it offers […]

The Role of Technology in Modern Accounting Practices in Dubai.

Modern Accounting Practices in Dubai

Technology has swiftly transformed our lives into a sphere of comfort and convenience. Accounting is one of the fields that has witnessed revolutionary change. Years ago, the field of accounting was dominated by manual processes by posting the transactions to journals, ledgers, transfer of ledger balances, maintaining trial balance, drawing Profit and loss account and […]

25 Best Accounting Related FAQs

Accounting FAQs

Accounting related FAQs What services are offered by BCL, Dubai? BCL, Dubai, offers the below services: Accounting and Bookkeeping services, VAT advisory and filing services Corporate Tax advisory services Business Advisory services that include- Management Reporting services, Financial Planning services, Financial Forecasting services, CFO services, Budgeting services, etc. Compliance with Economic Substance Regulations, VAT and […]

Common Accounting Mistakes to Avoid for Dubai Businesses

Accounting Mistakes

Accounting serves as foundation for operating any business, as it involves recording, analysing and reporting of financial transactions. Mistakes in accounting can have serious consequences on the financial health and reliability of the business. Having dedicated more than three decades across the globe to serving the accounting industry, we, BCL Group, have gained direct insights […]

How to choose the Best Accounting Company in Dubai?

Accounting Company in Dubai

Accounting increases the transparency in times of volatility in the profits. A right accounting company helps the business to record the past and current financial data thus helping in future decisions. Therefore, an accounting company can help a business grow n-folds. This article is aimed at helping you analyse the important factors while choosing the […]

Top FTA-Approved Accounting Software Solutions in Dubai

Top FTA-Approved Accounting Software Solutions in Dubai

In the contemporary business landscape of Dubai, where economic activities are thriving, success is not solely contingent on product sales but also hinges on accurate financial management, meticulous accounting and record-keeping. As the world advances, traditional accounting methods have transformed, and accounting software has emerged as a strategic tool utilized by accountants for recording and […]

Indicators Your UAE-Based Business Requires an outsourced Bookkeeper

Benefits of Outsourcing Accounting

Bookkeeping is crucial for a business as it involves the systematic recording, tracking, and organisation of financial transactions. Maintaining proper bookkeeping is a legal obligation under various Acts in the UAE. It serves to ensure accuracy in payments and receipts, aids in business management, monitors financial health, and ensures compliance with local regulations. Having a […]

Closing Fiscal Year: Year end Accounting Checklist for Businesses in UAE

Year End Accounting Checklist

Whether in the UAE or any global setting, the year-end proves to be a bustling period for businesses. Right from expenses and income to audit plans, investments, and payroll processes, every aspect of the company undergoes a meticulous review and compilation, leaving no detail unexamined, down to the last penny. Despite being a complex, lengthy, […]

How Accounting Companies can help you with Payroll issues?

Payroll and HR Services Dubai UAE

The economic vitality of the UAE is driven by various factors, including industries such as oil and gas, financial services, real estate, international trade, aviation, and tourism. A common thread binding businesses across these sectors is the imperative to adhere to UAE payroll regulations. This entails ensuring timely and accurate salary payments in the appropriate […]

Benefits of Accounting Outsourcing in Dubai UAE

outsource accounting services dubai

It is undeniable that the introduction of corporate tax in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has had a tremendous effect on business culture and practice which will, indeed, contribute positively to the country’s economy. With the new law in force, business owners have a greater responsibility to comply with accurate book keeping and accounting procedures. […]

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